Welcome to the Spade:Town brewery. We’re based in Lurgan, Co Armagh, Ireland. We’re right beside the shores of the beautiful Lough Neagh. And our beers are of exceptional quality, made to local recipes and with 100% local ingredients.

We collaborate with craft brewers throughout Ireland and particularly those around Lough Neagh to bring a unique beer experience to market.

We've launched two introductory beers to market in time for Christmas. click below for more details...

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"Tastes so smooth you'd swear they brewed this from angels tears..."Exceptional Low ABV (4.1%) Sessionable Pils

Well, maybe not so dramatic but you get the drift. It's a smooth, sessionable and low carbonated beer made for a good sit down, discussion, phones away and talk type evening.

We've made this with the target of tasteless, macro produced flavourless yet heavily marketed hipster bolloxology in our sights. Set down the macro. Grab one of these instead. We promise you'll like it.
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"Great Odins Beard! My taste buds have just shot the load!"Limited Edition - West Coast IPA - 4.5% ABV

We actually heard someone say that last week in tasting. Seriously. They did. We didn't stay in their company too long and it all got a bit awkward really quickly.

That said though we're really proud of this one. Punchy, citrus, hopped to the bejayziz and with a grapefruit wallop that'll take the jollers clean aff ye. We're already selling out of this bad boy and we may just commission another run.

Red Ale


Light Beer

Brewery Plans

We're building the first brewery in Lurgan since the 1920's. We plan to be fully operational by July 2019 and will be producing a range of 12 craft beers unique to our town, drawing on the history, legends and characters of our town and region.

For more information get in touch via our Contact Us Page, on our Social Channels or check back soon for more information.

We're excited about the future of Craft Brewing here in Lurgan!

Careers / Social

Interested in joining the craft beer revolution? We’re hiring!

Master Brewer
Apprentice Brewer
Barista / Brewmaster
Waiting Staff

Get in touch via our contact us page, our social channels or drop us an email to info@spade.town

We're looking for exceptional people to lead the Craft Brewing Revolution!