Imagine a blind taste test where all your senses are in deprivation. Then being obliterated by an onslaught of flavour, taste, mouthfeel and satisfaction in one gulp.

No, not Ahmeds Kebabs at 2:30 on a Sunday AM in William Street – but we like where you’re going there…

This IPA is unique and a collaboration between ourselves and the good folks up in Antrim who’ve helped create this masterpiece. We’re proud of it, proud of it’s flavours and proud of it being our first beer to market.

So proud we’re going to keep it as our flagship beer.

Grab some for Christmas – stocks are running low already!

Citrus, grapefruit, hop forward, balanced, smooth yet enough bitter to kick you in the dentifrice gently enough to rock yer gums, tingle your throat and have you wondering where you can bag a box of these bad boys for Christmas and St Stephens Day.

Have a look for the label below in local off licences over the coming weeks and grab yourself a piece of the future of beer in Lurgan and beyond.