“Make a beer that people will love, talk about and come back to. Don’t make it too fizzy though – the Batcave is like McGeowns farm enough as it is. Keep it light, but keep all that taste in there so people come back for more and more without ending up looking like the Michelin Man”

And so we tried. Our Pils is another unique collaboration between ourselves and the good folks up in Antrim who’ve helped create this masterpiece. We’re equally proud of it, proud of its flavours and proud of it being our second beer to market.

Grab some for Christmas – stocks are running low already!

Clean, crisp, Bavarian style drinking but reserved enough with the flavours to leave you wondering what *exactly* do they put in that mass produced stuff to take all the taste out and leave that chemical twang – while at the same time wondering where you can bag a box of these bad boys for Christmas and St Stephens Day.

Have a look for the label below in local off licences over the coming weeks and grab yourself a piece of the future of beer in Lurgan and beyond.